Has Facebook's New Algerithum change affected your audience and stopped Your Customers from getting your notifications?

Thousands of businesses worldwide are frustrated by Facebook as their customers dont know when they Go LIVE or have updated their business pages with New Products.

Here at The Pearl Hub we have been working hard to combact this industy wide problem to get you a bigger audiance than ever!

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Notifier by The Pearl Hub runs on

Messenger Platform
Campaign Wizard
Easy to use wizards get you up and running in no time with no technical knowledge needed!
Super Charged Marketing
Proven to be more effective than conventional email marketing, our notifier can contact any customer who has previously messaged your page.
Save Money
Stop wasting money on boosted posts, our notifier eliminates the need for boosted posts by sending a marketing message straight to your customer’s Facebook messenger inbox.
Schedule Posts
Keeping your page up to date has never been easier! Schedule your entire weeks posts all at once so you can get on with the important things.
Target The Right Customers
Create your own customer groups to send more relevant promotional content that you know your customers will love!
Be Heard
Ensure your message is heard by your customers, a study shown that 300% more users read their messenger inbox over their email.

Get ALL this for as little as 34p per day!*

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Perfect Dashboard

See everything from one screen! Check out how many subscribers you have, progress & much more...

Auto Sync

Get all your subscribers automatically synced every day! Meaning your list will update its self with no hard work.


How To Get Started...

Sign Up
Click Sign Up fill in your details and confirm your account by clicking the link sent to your email.
Choose Your Membership
Once you have confirmed your account sign in, you will see a popup saying you dont yet have a subscription click "Get Premium Features". You will be taken to the membership page where all you need to do is click the sign up button, enter your payment details and click pay. Once your payment has been processed you will need to logout then sign back in to unlock premium features.
Connect Your Facebook Account
So you can manage your pages through the notifier and start sending out messages to your customers you will need to connect your facebook account. To connect your facebook account sign in and click "Connect Account" from the left hand side menu, then click login with facebook and click okay.

  • Import 1 Facebook Account
  • Send Bulk Messages From Your Facebook Page
  • Delivery Reports
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Auto Sync With Facebook
  • Manage Page Inbox & Messages


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